Friday, April 12, 2013

The Tactical Endgame series: The devilish Bishop duo vs. the clumsy Rook

Here we are: the first hands-on session on endgame studies!

After my lenghty, and hopefully convincing, post about including endgame studies in your Chess training, below is the first serie of endgame studies for you to practice ... and enjoy!

Beware that after working hard on those puzzles, you may experience serious improvements in your tactical abilities! :-)

The Bishop pair

I chose to start those endgame studies series with a special piece duo: the Bishop pair.
Often, the bishop is viewed or considered as a definitive asset in open positions but not that often we see it operating at full it is time with those great studies!

Should you know other interesting studies of this kind, feel free to share!
To wrap this up, below is a nice game showing the power of the "duo inferno" from a player who is largely overlooked, Rashid Nezhmetdinov, but who was one of the greatest attacking player of all time!

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