Saturday, April 13, 2013

A remarkable position {1}: Anderssen - Zukertort

A recent post from the excellent Hufftington Chess blog caught my attention. It talks about the quite amazing story of a training game between Adolf Anderssen (famous for the "Immortal Game") and his pupil (!) Johannes Zukertort (who will eventually become one of the strongest player of the 19th century).

I encourage you to read the whole article for the background story (which demonstrate, one more time, Alekhine's amazing blindfold skills).

After reading the whole thing and with the help of my silicon friends, Hiarcs, StockFish and Komodo, I decided to take a crack at the intriguing starting position: I felt that the attack could be improved somewhere...and I was right!

Minor pieces in action!

The analysis below shows how agile can be minor pieces when it comes to attacking the King: here is one more example...enjoy!

Feel free to comment, praise or demolish the analysis and share yours!

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