Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Tactical Endgame series: The 2 Jans against 2 Knights

Another episode of the on-going serie about interesting Endgame studies aimed at improving your tactical imagination and calculation skills (if you need to be convinced, just read here!).

No need to present the famous bishop pair which is extremely powerful is open positions. It is even more true when the position is open AND they are facing 2 knights. The 2 knights have usually a hard time to cope with the bishops' long range firepower.
One world championship game illustrates that very well:  the well-known 22nd Botvinnik vs Bronstein World Championship game.

Below is a list of studies that will hone your skills and will demonstrate how nasty the bishop pair can be!

In case you are wondering, why the "2 Jans"? It's the bishop pair's nickname! It comes from David Janowski who "was known as a sharp tactician who was devastating with the bishop pair."

Enjoy below a neat piece of his handy work!

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